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Voting Information and Instructions

This vote is too important to let others decide your future for you. Get your questions answered an cast an informed vote. Voting Instructions with Activation Codes were sent to members' homes. If you need an a new Activation Code from VoteNet, fill out this form, or call the Ballot Helpline at 800-424-2401, press 1, and then ext. 706. Make sure your vote is cast by August 12 at Noon Eastern Time.

How is the vote conducted?

Balloting is conducted electronically through VoteNet Solutions, the leading provider of secure on-demand voting and balloting software and telephone voting for organizations including unions, membership, trade and other organizations. The member voting credentials were provided directly to the printer used by VoteNet and do not pass through AFA. Those instructions were mailed to members' homes. Duplicate instructions are also only provided by the VoteNet system. A link to the VoteNet secure site is accessible through

Once I cast a vote can I change it?

The rules for balloting will change in the future due to an expected new rule from the Department of Labor and action by the AFA Board of Directors this year. These new procedures require an implementation process expected to be complete by the end of the year. That means this voting process will be familiar to all AFA members – as information becomes available during the ratification process AFA members can access their ballot and recast a vote. Only the last vote cast will be counted by the electronic balloting agency.

Who Votes on a Tentative Agreement?

In addition to information posted on-line, the Tentative Agreement (TA) summary and balloting instructions will be provided to all members eligible to vote, including members who have the opportunity to become eligible during the voting process:

  1. All active AFA Members in good standing (dues current, active AFA member) are eligible to vote. Members ineligible due to non-payment of dues will be notified when attempting to vote and will be directed to the AFA Membership Department to become current in order to vote.

  2. Flight Attendants on Probation will be eligible to vote during the entire period the ballot is open, provided they are scheduled to complete probation before the ballot count date.

    (The AFA Board of Directors voted to change this provision this year, recognizing the need to encourage and allow our newest members to take part in our democracy sooner. The Local Presidents from all AFA-member airlines voted to make Flight Attendants eligible to pay dues for full AFA membership after four months of flying, but the implementation of this provision requires substantial planning with all of the AFA- member airlines and is not expected to become effective before January 2017.)

  3. Inactive Members (Leaves of Absence, COBUS, etc.) may choose to "leave and remain active" to continue payment of dues during the leave in order to be eligible to vote.

    Contact the AFA Ballot Help Line at 800-424- 2401, press 1 and extension 706, to complete the process to "leave and remain active."

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