Extension of Agreement on Staffing in the Los Angeles Base

Pre-merger United Los Angeles base faced the announcement of a surplus over a year ago. This base has been affected more than any other with the irrational scheduling of flying due to the running of three separate operations. All international flying has been removed from the pre-merger United Los Angeles schedule. Ratification of a joint agreement resolves the continued whipsaw of Flight Attendant scheduling.

In the meantime, Los Angeles s-UA continues to face a surplus situation and that is why the company agreed to extend the Letter of Agreement reached in October 2015 to not implement a domicile surplus or reduction in force among pre-merger United Flight Attendants currently domiciled at Los Angeles as a result of the marketing schedule changes announced on August 26, 2015. The company further agrees to confer with AFA in advance of any other potential staffing impact that may result from future changes in flying. This provides protection for all locations, should it be necessary.

The extension of the Los Angeles Staffing Letter of Agreement through June 2018, only becomes effective upon ratification of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement because the company understands that the issues related to aircraft assignment resolve through a merged operation. This means they are agreeing to manage this surplus for a definitive period of time, through integration of the operations. Without a ratified agreement the issues with separate operations continue to create complications with Flight Attendant staffing. The Tentative Agreement includes this staffing letter and the No Furlough Letter of Agreement, which ensure Flight Attendant staffing is protected in all locations through ratification of the agreement and the merger of operations it facilitates.

The Letter of Agreement for the extension of the Los Angeles staffing letter was agreed at the point of reaching the Tentative Agreement in June and has been reported to Flight Attendants at the JNC Information Sessions, local meetings and teleconferences. The company also agreed to include an identical letter covering pre-merger Continental Flight Attendants based in LAX. Both letters are accessible through the link below.

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