Day of Action - January 21, 2016

afa pinWelcome Aboard the new United Airlines

Our airlines have recovered and are doing better than ever, but we have yet to feel it. It is past time for a fair contract that allows all of us to share the profits we help create. January 21st we will take action together again to support our negotiators and our position at the negotiating table. At no other time have we been better positioned to fight for an industry-leading contract. We will stand together for it on January 21st. We will send our JNC into mediation with the full power of 25,000 Flight Attendants standing with them. We will welcome fellow Flight Attendants, passengers, other union members and supporters to join us too, but we will take responsibility for our future and commit to join the picket line January 21st for our biggest Day of Unity yet.

Flight Attendants are dedicated to the long-term success of United Airlines. Please check back for latest updates and times.

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January 21, 2016 Day of Action Videos

January 21, 2016 Day of Action Photos

Remember, every Flight Attendant can send a powerful message to United management:  We are united in our resolve to reach a fair Contract, and Flight Attendants are not going to pay for this merger.