Day of Action - February 18, 2016 - CHICAGO ALL CALL



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At a minimum, every third Thursday of each month we will conduct a system-wide action in support of our contract negotiations.

On February 18th the Joint MEC conducted an ALL CALL to Chicago. We have taken action together around the world, inviting all other unions to join us along with Flight Attendants throughout the industry, to demonstrate our united commitment to achieve a new standard for our careers as we share in the profits we help create.

With 2015 $7.3 Billion in annual net profits, it's clear there is plenty to go around and this is no time for our negotiations to be held up by management's proposals to weaken job security or take the worst scheduling provisions from each contract. Now is the time to share the wealth with Flight Attendants and we will continue to stand together to call on management to negotiate within the reality of record profits.

Previous Actions

Remember, every Flight Attendant can send a powerful message to United management:  We are united in our resolve to reach a fair Contract, and Flight Attendants are not going to pay for this merger.