Mesa Flight Attendants Reach Tentative Agreement

UPDATE: Sept 28, 2017 - Flight Attendants at Mesa Airlines Ratify Tentative Agreement

August 18, 2017

Dear Flying Partners:

We are proud to announce that we have a Tentative Agreement! Your commitment to stand together, take action and the support of our entire union demonstrated to Mesa management that we were serious. Your support of our negotiations resulted in a significant change in the dynamics at the negotiating table and led to a Tentative Agreement that is five times the value of the previous Tentative Agreement.

The agreement was reviewed in detail today and approved by your directly elected Mesa Flight Attendant leaders. We are working diligently to proof all of the details so that we can publish a full summary of the details next week.

Here are some of the improvements included in the tentative agreement:

  • Wage scale exceeding the average for Flight Attendants doing regional flights for United and American.
  • Increased per diem.
  • Block or better.
  • Line guarantee and increased minimum guarantee.
  • Long layover credit.
  • 200% junior assignment pay.
  • PBS on trial basis, strong language.
  • Increased vacation for longevity.
  • Improved commuter clause.
  • Me too with pilot 401k.
  • Increased deadhead pay.
  • Jetbridge trades.
  • Paid KCM.
  • Four year duration with continued wage increases beyond the amendable date.
  • And more...

We look forward to sharing all of the information with you and we will work hard to ensure every single question is answered before you cast your vote. We know that our collective efforts pushed Mesa to agree to much more than they wanted to pay. The action all of you took to give us the power of a 99.56% strike vote, AFA pins on Flight Attendant uniforms everywhere and messages of support for your Negotiating Committee gave us the ability to ask AFA leaders and members from twenty airlines to support us. Our AFA sisters and brothers along with CWA, UNITE HERE and the broader labor community took up our fight as their own and made this Tentative Agreement possible as well.

We are getting to work to schedule Roadshow meetings, a webcast, and on-line information so that you have everything you need to cast an informed vote. The full language of the Tentative Agreement will be posted as soon as possible and before you cast your vote. These negotiations are about each of you and you will make the decision on how we move forward together. We are proud of what we have accomplished together and we believe this Tentative Agreement is a strong step forward as we continue to achieve recognition for the work we do every day.

We are proud to stand with you. We are stronger and better together.

In Solidarity,

Heather Stevenson
MEC President


Andy Ferguson
Council 56 President

Traci Hagans
Council 88 President


Maggie Fox

MEC Vice President

Cathy Lindig
Negotiating Committee Member

Sandra Mills
Negotiating Committee Member





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