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Online Roadshow & TA2022 Videos

Virtual Roadshow Recording

Virtual Roadshows Dates and Details

The Negotiating Committee is pleased to provide a presentation of Tentative Agreement 2022 to Flight Attendants, called “Virtual Roadshows.”  The dates and times of the Virtual Roadshows will be:

Previous Roadshows

- Thursday, September 22; 7pm ET/6pm CT

- Friday, September 23: 4 pm ET/3 pm CT

- Friday, September 30: 6 pm ET/5 pm CT

- Saturday, October 1:  11 am ET/10 am CT

How Can I View a Roadshow?

Virtual Roadshows will be conducted via Zoom.  It is best to have the Zoom app downloaded on your device in advance.  You may be able to utilize Zoom through a web browser, though Zoom works better with some browsers than others.

An invitation link will be sent through a separate email communication about 24 hours prior to each Virtual Roadshow.  For tomorrow’s Roadshow, a link will be sent out by 7 pm ET tonight.  Look for that email.

We strongly encourage Flight Attendants to join a Virtual Roadshow.

What’s the Format?

The TA presentation will be made by the Negotiating Committee using PowerPoint.  It is advisable that you be in a place where you can see your screen, and the larger the screen the better.  Some information, like graphs or charts, may be difficult to see on a phone screen.

After the presentation, the Committee will answer questions from Flight Attendants.  Questions can be submitted one of two ways.  Flight Attendants can submit questions through the Zoom Q&A function during the Roadshow.  They can also submit questions ahead of the Roadshow via the Committee’s email:  negotiations@edvafa.org. 

What if I Can’t Attend a Virtual Roadshow?

The Negotiating Committee will also be recording a video of the Tentative Agreement 2022 presentation, and posting it on the OurContract.org website by October 3, 2022.

In Solidarity,

The Negotiating Committee

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