Endeavor Air Tentative Agreement 2020

A Leap Forward: Setting the Course for Endeavor Flight Attendants

Full Tentative Agreement


March 25, 2020

Congratulations! The MEC is pleased to announced that TA2020 has been ratified with 82% voting FOR the Tentative Agreement. 

Thank you to all Endeavor Flight Attendants who took part in our democracy: attending Roadshows, listening and asking questions on our Town Hall Calls, asking questions of your Local Council Leaders, and reaching out to the Negotiating Committee for answers, and, of course, voting. We have an incredible union that allows members sufficient time and opportunity to receive information, educate themselves, and vote on their work future.

What’s Next?

Soon, we will start to see many of the improvements of the TA implemented. Most importantly, higher pay and per diem will begin March 31, 2020. Most scheduling-related changes will not be implemented until May. Flight Attendants interested in the implementation schedule for specific items can look at Letter of Agreement 2 in TA2020 for a complete list.

In the coming weeks AFA will be working to produce a final, printable version of the TA, which will become our new contract. We will also meet with appropriate Company personnel on a regular basis to assure that we are on track with implementing all improvements. Finally, the Reserve Letter of Agreement 3 requires we commence negotiations over changes to the reserve system. Our goal is to begin those negotiations in the next few months.

In solidarity, 

Local 45 Officers
Tanya Clarke, President
Tahja Roberts, Vice President
Judy McParland, Secretary

Local 46 Officers
Oscar Ochomogo, President
Ed Brylowski, Vice President
Jatawne Wells, Secretary

Local 48 Officers
Jason Ostrowski, President
Tim Evenson, Vice President
Trina Johnson, Secretary

MEC Officers
Jatawne Wells, President
Kerry Huebbers, Vice President
Dwana Hughes, Secretary-Treasurer

Negotiations Committee
Tim Evenson
Kerry Huebbers
Tina Talarico
Jatawne Wells

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