September 19, 2022

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

After months of bargaining, we are pleased to present a Tentative Agreement (Letter of Agreement 20) for your consideration.

We launched our “Endeavor Flight Attendants need better pay, NOW” petition campaign in June with the goal of getting to the bargaining table so we could obtain the pay we need.  Flight Attendants were successful in helping us get to the bargaining table with your signatures!  We started negotiations with management in late June, and by July we negotiated an increase to our per diem to $2.15 and a $5,000 retention bonus.

Even after these initial improvements we continued to bargain for more, obtaining additional compensation.  Starting on October 31, 2022, most Flight Attendants will receive a 4% raise, with the initial steps receiving up to a 26% raise.  Our per diem will continue to increase in years to come, tracking the pilot increases.  We obtained an additional pay credit for 5-day trips, and the possibility of a geographic stipend.

The value of just the raises and additional per diem is over $20 Million to Flight Attendants over the life of the Tentative Agreement.  This compensation puts us in front of the pack with our regional airline peers.

The Tentative Agreement extends our collective bargaining agreement two additional years, through March 31, 2027.  This extension is the “price” of the improvements we achieved – it was a key term from management’s perspective.  We could not have achieved these unprecedented mid-term gains without an extension, but we didn’t have to trade away any work rules or benefits for these improvements.

As in all negotiations, we were not able to attain everything we wanted.  Boarding pay and trip/duty rigs were on the table for many months, but we could not push management to agree on either of those.  However, the value we obtained for increased pay and per diem eclipsed either of those items, which met the goal of getting increased compensation.  

Ultimately, the choice is yours!  The Negotiating Committee will also be hosting virtual roadshows.  Look also for in-person crew room sits and/or concourse walks.

The Tentative Agreement contains real and critical mid-term money for Endeavor Flight Attendants.  The Master Executive Council (MEC) supports this Tentative Agreement. 

In Solidarity,

Your Master Executive Council

Kerry Huebbers, MEC President
Tahja Roberts, MEC Vice President
Elizabeth Mullins, MEC Secretary-Treasurer
Tanya Clarke, Local Executive Council (LEC) President Council 45
Oscar Ochomogo, LEC President Council 46
Thomas Burton, LEC President Council 48

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