ATI Tentative Agreement

October 10, 2017

Fellow ATI Flight Attendants,

As announced on October 2, 2017, we reached a tentative agreement on our first AFA Contract. This is an exciting time! We negotiated improvements and preserved the benefits you identified. This is our victory! Your support helped drive a tentative agreement in a reasonable time frame. It is an extraordinary event to reach a first contract. Please take a moment and enjoy this achievement.

Prior to bargaining, ATI Flight Attendants indicated we wanted to protect our existing work rules against arbitrary change, to gain targeted improvements in key areas, and to provide immediate economic improvements.   

This TA accomplishes all of those objectives with strong language protecting our work rules, improvements in scheduling such as a trip guarantee and immediate increases in our monthly guarantee of 8-15%.

Plus with this contract, most of us will begin to receive two wage increases a year, one on our longevity date and one on the anniversary of the contract.   

In addition to the enclosed highlights, you will soon have access to the full text draft tentative agreement. The voting materials will explain the when and how to vote. We will be contacting you all soon to set up calls to walk you through everything in the tentative agreement. Prior to that, feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

We also want to thank Deb Miller for her efforts to bring us in to AFA and her assistance in the early stages of our efforts to obtain this first TA.

Kristi and I support this tentative agreement and recommend a YES vote! Again thank you for your support.

In solidarity, 

Kristen Hillman
MEC/LEC President


Kristi Sullivan
MEC/LEC Secretary-Treasurer

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