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SAVE THE DATE: Air Wisconsin Picketing at IAD on May 9th

Date: 4/26/2019

AFA Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants continue to fight for a fair contract. Plan to get on the picket line this Thursday, May 9, 2019 from 1-2pm eastern at IAD on the Departure Level, outside of United Ticket Counters. 

  • At United Airlines regional carrier Air Wisconsin, beginning Flight Attendants can earn as little as $15,000 per year.
  • Flight Attendants are stuck at 2007 wage rates.
  • Management wants to continue to pay poverty wages.
  • Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants voted to strike by 99% after more than two years of company stalling. 

It’s time for United Airlines and Air Wisconsin to agree to a fair contract now. Flight Attendants on layover or based in Washington, D.C. join the picket line!  

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