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New Pay Rates and Seniority List Implementation

Date: 8/15/2016

Pay Rates Implementation

The new pay rates will take effect for the September schedule month. Flight Attendants will receive paychecks with the new rates according to current pay check schedules. The timing of paychecks are on different schedules for each group and this will not be harmonized until later in the contract implementation process.

Merged Seniority List Implementation

Upon ratification of the contract, AFA delivered the merged seniority list to United. The company is in the process of implementing the merged seniority list, which includes training date adjustments and restoration of seniority for pre-merger CMI and United cross-overs who were working under a current Crossover Letter of Agreement. (Includes a 2008 CMI crossover agreement in addition to all of the crossover agreements in place since the 2010 merger.)

The list will be implemented and become effective at the same time as the new pay rates go into effect. September bids currently underway will be based on the separate seniority lists. However, on the first day of the September bid month the merged seniority list will be effective for moveup lines or other scheduling functions. Finally, September bidding for the October schedule month and forward will utilize the merged seniority list. 

But remember, these initial changes affect adjustments for CAL and CMI training credit as well as crossovers currently working on pre-merger CAL metal. Pre-merger United Flight Attendants will not experience any change until integration. Until we are all on the common scheduling platform the merged seniority list will not be implemented system-wide.

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