The Mesa contract is a product of bankruptcy, and after five years in negotiations during a time of record profits for the industry Mesa management still refuses to negotiate a new agreement. Mesa Flight Attendants are on average 20% behind the pay of their regional counterparts doing flying for United and American. They only get FAA minimum rest and can work maximum duty days. They are not paid for hours worked beyond their schedule. They do not have pay guarantees, trip/duty rigs or minimums. And healthcare costs are extraordinarily high for below average coverage. Many have to make choices between paying rent and affording food. This is wrong for any worker in America, let alone for over 1000 of aviation's first responders working at Mesa. They keep passengers safe and present the face of Mesa, American and United.

Enough is enough. The standards at Mesa are a threat to all of us. But together we can change that! Mesa Flight Attendants are taking a strike vote. Let them know we have their back. We stand together to take on this brutal management and to get a fair contract at Mesa!

I stand with Mesa Flight Attendants!

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