Gearing Up to Strike (GUTS List)

CHAOS™ Strikes are implemented legally after the strike deadline. The intermittent, surprise strike strategy ensures minimum risk to Flight Attendants and maximum impact on management. The best way to avoid a strike is to be prepared for one. We should all prepare, because the more convinced management is that we are strong enough to launch a strike the more likely they will be to negotiate an agreement we can ratify.

One way our union prepares is by offering Flight Attendants the ability to sign the GUTS List. Signing up to be on the GUTS List means that you want to be called first in the event of a CHAOS strike. Should it come to a strike, we are all responsible for participating, but by signing up to be one of the first called, it allows our union to best plan for a successful CHAOS strike.

AFA keeps the GUTS list at the International Office under the protection of the Legal Department. If you sign up to be on the GUTS list, no one will know unless you tell them. Many Flight Attendants are happy to boast their name has been added to the GUTS list, but others choose to remain anonymous, adding often to the element of surprise that benefits Flight Attendants and puts pressure on management.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not on strike at this time. We are conducting CHAOS/Strike information activities to ensure we are prepared to take a strike vote, if necessary. Only a legal strike would be called - after release from mediation by the National Mediation Board and at the end of the 30-day cooling-off period.

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I am willing to support a CHAOS Strike by: