Questions and Answers 

What are the job protections in the agreement?

When we organized together and started negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, Norwegian took the position that OSM was our employer and wanted us to only negotiate with OSM.   We refused to accept that position. This agreement defines the Company as both Norwegian and OSM. Additionally the contract is binding on NAS, NAR and OSM. Additionally, we secured language protecting jobs and our contract in the event of a sale or merger of the company as well as job security provisions comparable to our European colleagues.  

How do I read the wage scale?

This will be new to many as we are used to only getting one pay increase per year for those of us not at the top pay step. Under this agreement, most CCMs will receive two pay increases per year. One type of increase a “seniority raise” that we receive every year on our anniversary hire date. The other type of increase is a contractual increase that some people call a “cost of living” increase. If the TA is voted in, this contractual increase goes into effect immediately on April 1, 2020, then again on April 1, 2021. In our next contract, we will continue to negotiate subsequent cost of living increases in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

What are other pay provisions?

One of the biggest issues we dealt with in negotiations was getting pay and credit for standby, vacation, training, and mandatory meetings.  Currently, all that time is unpaid and is considered a part of our monthly salaries. Under this Tentative Agreement, each of these roster activities will have specified amounts of pay/credit attached to it (e.g., 3 block hours for each standby day) making it more likely for us to go over the guarantee and get paid excess hours. 

Voting Questions and Answers 

How do I cast a vote?

You have to wait for your ballot to arrive in the mail. Voting is done electronically by phone or internet. Balloting is conducted electronically through VoteNet Solutions. The AFA member voting credentials are provided directly to the printer used by VoteNet and do not pass through AFA. Duplicate instructions are also only provided by the VoteNet system. A link to the VoteNet secure site is accessible through once balloting opens.

I don’t know if my mailing address is current. How can I be sure?

If you have changed your mailing address since being employed at Norwegian we may not have your current address. Go ahead and email your current mailing address to:

If we don’t have your correct mailing address, you won’t be able to receive the Tentative Agreement informational booklet nor your voting credentials.

Who is eligible to vote on the Tentative Agreement?

Cabin crew who are AFA Members are eligible to vote. You are an AFA Member if you filled out, signed, and mailed in the AFA-CWA Membership application during your employment here at Norwegian/OSM. If you were an AFA Member at another airline, you must fill out a new membership application.

If you are unsure if you filled out a AFA-CWA Membership application, please email 

I did not fill out an AFA-CWA Membership application. Is there still an opportunity for me to vote on the TA?

Yes. To give all cabin crew the opportunity to vote for the TA, everyone will be sent a voting packet with credentials to log in. If you not are not a member, you will be stopped from actually casting a ballot—you will receive a message that states: "There are no open ballot available at this time". This is not a problem as you only need to complete and submit a membership application to AFA Membership Services. Download the form here and mail it to: Membership Services, 501 3rd Street NW, Washington, DC, 20001 or fax it to: (202) 434-1456. If you have access to a scanner or can take a good quality scanned copy on your phone, you can email it to

After your membership application is received your voting account will be activated and you can then cast your vote. 

When can I cast my vote?

Voting is open March 12th at Noon ET through March 31st at Noon ET.

What should I do if my voting instructions don’t arrive or I lose them?

Call the AFA Ballot Help Line Monday-Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm ET at 800-424-2401, press 1, and enter extension 706. Outside of office hours, leave a message. Your message will be returned the following business day. 

Once I cast a vote, can I access the system again if I change my mind?

Once a ballot is cast, it cannot be changed. To make sure you make an informed decision, attend one of the advertised in-person Base meetings, join one (or more) of the virtual Zoom meetings, or email your AFA Leaders with your questions at

When are the in-person Base meetings going to be held?

In FLL: March 6th and 7th – airport hotel (not chosen yet)

In JFK: March 8th and 9th – TWA airport hotel

In LAX: March 10th and 11th – Westin airport hotel (crew hotel)

The exact times and locations of the meetings will be finalized shortly.

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