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Tentative Agreement 2020 Summary

A Leap Forward: Setting the Course for Endeavor Flight Attendants

This page provides an overview of all TA2020 improvements and changes. The main Our Contract page contains links with further information, including the full TA2020 (with information tabs) and (coming soon) a “Questions & Answers” section, which provides more-detailed explanations of TA2020 provisions, based upon Flight Attendant feedback.

Two Big Leaps: Wages and Minimum Day Pay


  • 10.76% average increase Date of Signing (March 31, 2020)
  • Date of Signing wages equal PSA or better.
  • Annual 1.5% increases.

Current wages compared to new TA2020 wage scale:

Increases ($ and %) at each year and step compared with current wages:


Delta Connection Carrier Comparison 


Wholly-Owned Regional Comparison

Hopping through the wage scale

Make sure not to read the wage scale straight across. You will cost yourself an additional raise each year!

In the below example, a 2nd year Flight Attendant with a hire date of September 1 is currently making $23.93 under today’s Contract. TA2020 gives him/her a raise on March 31, 2020, of $25.61.

On his/her longevity anniversary date (September 1, 2020), he/she would move to the next step (3-4) and be paid $27.35.

On the following April 1, 2021, his/her pay would increase to $27.76. Then, on September 1, 2021 would be paid $29.40. This “hopping through” the wage scale would continue each year of the Agreement.



Minimum Day Pay

New minimum day pay:

  • 3.5 Hours/Day: May 2020
  • 4.0 Hours/Day: April 2021

This is a true calendar min. day, which encompasses “idle days,” and applies to both lineholders and reserves.

More Economic Leaps

Signing Incentive Payment (SIP)

The Company will pay Flight Attendants a Signing Incentive Payment upon ratification of TA2020, based upon the following years of service:

  • $850: 4 mos. – 4 yrs.
  • $1,000: 5 – 9 yrs.
  • $1,250: 10 yrs.+

The Incentive Payment will be paid on April 16, 2020, taxed as regular wages, and eligible for 401k deferral and Company match.

Per Diem

New per diem rates:

  • Date of Signing (March 31): $1.85/hour
  • 1/1/2021: $1.90/hour
  • 1/1/2023: $1.95/hour
  • 7/1/2024: $2.00/hour (exceeds Pilots)

Deadhead Pay

  • 100% pay and 75% credit matches Pilots.

Premium Pay Holidays

The following Holidays paid at 150% (50% paid above guarantee to assure Reserve receive premium pay):

  • New Year’s
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Sick Accruals

Both Full-time and Part-time Flight Attendant sick accruals will increase April 2020:

  • FT: 4.0 hours per month
  • PT: 1.5 hours per month.

Section-by-Section Summary

Section 3 – Grievances

  • Management not required to continually reschedule Investigative Meetings if FA unavailable for scheduled Meeting and he/she fails to reschedule a missed Meeting.

Section 4 – Union Activities and General

  • Retain existing “Grooming” language.

Section 5 – Scheduling

  • Company will consider recommendations of the AFA MEC Scheduling Committee Chair
  • The company will provide PBS crew room support in each month during the open bid period
  • FAs guaranteed a minimum of 132 days off per year
  • Bid Year definition changed to allow Company to move beginning or end of Bid Year into different calendar year
  • Reserve lines will contain a minimum of two consecutive days
  • In PBS line construction duty periods will be limited to 13 hours, with 1% exception if co-paired with Pilots.
  • If line awards are delayed due to a technical error outside the Company’s control, the Company shall notify the MEC President and Scheduling Chair immediately. The mis-award timeframe will be adjusted to reflect the delay in line
  • Trip trades will open at 1700 Central Time on the date line awards are published, provided all lines have been published prior to that time.
  • Build up lines will honor the Flight Attendant preferences to the extent possible
  • Credit time max of 90 OR 100 hours – Flight Attendants may preference
  • The company and AFA will meet twice a year minimum to discuss forecasted flying
  • Bidding will close on the 14th of each month, and schedules will be published a day earlier on the 16th of each month
  • Increase to 3 golden days per year
  • Confusing Extension language replaced with language matching Pilot Extension rules
  • No more than 6 junior assignments per calendar year
  • If rest is reduced below the contractual minimum because of an IROP delay that requires an FA to remain at the airport the rest will be readjusted to meet the minimum.
  • Pure trip adds of a whole trip from Open Time may be submitted up to 6 hours in advance of the report time of the trip
  • A log of all junior assigned/extended events will be kept by the company and made available to AFA
  • Jetway trades increased from 4 per year to 12 per year
  • Additional CDO pay protection
  • Beginning April 2021 SkyPro number will be Flight Attendants’ primary contact number for Crew Scheduling (not Managers). Does not change contactibility rules. Flight Attendants may provide alternate contact number.

Section 6 – Hours of Service

  • Scheduled domicile rest of 11 hours and RON rest of 10 hours
  • For reschedules or cancelations, overnight hotels in domicile for line-holders
  • For reschedules or cancelation, overnight hotels in domicile for reserves who are scheduled or in actual operation go below 10 hours rest between duty periods
  • Flight Attendants on rest will not be contacted prior to 90 minutes before originally scheduled report time
  • Call-in-Honest policy is now in the contract giving it contractual language protection

Section 8 – Filling of Positions

  • TDY bidding timeline established.
  • Hardship Transfers language from LOA 10.

Section 10 – Leave of Absence

  • Longevity accrual increased for Medical and Maternity Leaves – Flight Attendant will accrue for 12 months of leave (previously 30 days)
  • Parental leave language added allowing a Flight Attendant to be granted parental leave of absence in accordance with company policy and/or applicable law. If a more favorable policy is offered to another workgroup it will also be offered to the Flight Attendants
  • More flexible bereavement leave so that we will be able to take 3 days off within 90 days of a family member’s death. The 3 days no longer have to be consecutive.

Section 11 – Heath, Safety and Security

  • Moved fatigue from Sick Leave Section and strengthened fatigue policy language
  • Pay protection for accepted fatigue claims
  • No disciplinary action for an accepted fatigue claim
  • Ability to use sick time for a rejected fatigue claim

Section 12 – Training

  • 4 hours pay credit for each training day at IRT or new aircraft training
  • 4 hours pay and schedule credit for any required customer service training such as the Experience
  • Flight Attendants who have to travel from their domicile OR permanent address on file with the company will receive deadhead transportation. The 100% deadhead pay will be in addition to the training pay
  • Flight Attendants whose domicile is in a training location such as MSP will now receive per diem for all time spent in training
  • If a Flight Attendant is domiciled in a training location but lives more than 50 miles from the training center will be granted a hotel room for training, upon request
  • If training location changes from MSP the language will benefit other FAs in the new training location.

Section 13 – Sick Time

  • Increased accruals for Full-time FAs: 4 hours/month
  • Increased accruals for Part-time FAs: 1.5 hours/month
  • Both Lineholders and Reserves will have the option to advise Crew Scheduling that they are calling in sick for the entire or the entire trip or set of reserve days.
  • Sick leave fly back option – a Flight Attendant can replenish his/her sick leave account by designating trips as sick leave fly-back. This allows us to bring our sick leave balance back to what it was prior to the last sick occurrence (same program as the pilots)
  • If the company requires a doctor’s note it will be required to reimburse the cost of the co-pay

Section 14 – Vacation

Vacation changes effective 2021:

  • Each week of vacation will be in days, not hours.
  • One week of vacation will be paid at 24.5 hours, 3.5 hours more than today.

Vacation bidding timeline established:

  • Bidding opens on October 5th at 5pm Central Time
  • Bidding closes on October 25th at 5pm Central Time
  • Awards posted no later than 5pm November 5th

- New vacation buy-back program begins May 2020. The company may, at certain times of the year offer a buy back for either annual vacation or monthly vacation.  (Same as the Pilots)

- Flight Attendants may take their vacation with them when transferring domiciles. 

Section 15 – Uniforms and Luggage

  • Yearly allowance increased for both Full-time and Part-time: $300
  • $450 cap on uniform-luggage account balance will be implemented April 2021.
  • Until April 2021 account balance cap will remain at $600,
  • Change to the definition of complete uniform that allows more flexibility when choosing uniform pieces

Section 16 – Insurance

  • Updated language to reflect current OAP insurance rates
  • Kept the OAP plan in the contract with no increase in the cap(s) on Flight Attendant contribution rates

Section 17 – Travel and Moving Expenses

Changes to TDY:

  • Hotel rooms will be provided on nights the FA is actually in base, not on nights the FA has an assignment or goes home
  • If the FA elects to go home on days off the room will not be held. FAs are not required to do this however, we can elect to stay and use the hotel room on our days off
  • FAs may be required to change hotels during the TDY assignment period
  • If no restaurant at the hotel or no restaurant within walking distance, company will reimburse FAs for a rideshare/taxi to a restaurant within 5 miles
  • Secure storage at hotels for belongings
  • $100 reimbursement plus uniform and required item replacement if belongings are stolen from secure storage
  • Two round trip positive space tickets to home domicile or home address per TDY month

- Choice for all FAs between parking in domicile at no cost or a $40/month stipend. The $40/month stipend is in addition to other

- Company will now reimburse passport and expedited fees.

Section 18 – Compensation

  • Six pay steps added, including 6-month step
  • Per diem matches Pilots
  • True calendar min. day pay of 3.5 hours, moving to 4.0 hours in one year
  • Premium pay for 6 Holidays of 150%. Paid at 50% above guarantee, assuring Reserves will be paid premium pay.

Premium pay for Open Time pick-ups changed:

  • FA must have credit of original or prorated line award for premium pay on OT pick-ups
  • Leaves and sick calls do not impact premium pay eligibility
  • Examples in TA, p. 18-13

Section 19 – Deadhead

  • 100% pay
  • 75% schedule credit

Section 20 – Duration

  • Five-year duration
  • Begin negotiations for a successor contact in four and one-half years
  • Raises continue during first 6 months of negotiations.

Section 23 (New Section) – Reserve

  • “Reserve” now a stand-alone Section to make it easier to find reserve information
  • Call out time for JFK/LGA increased to 2.5 hours in recognition of the substantial transportation challenges
  • A Home Reserve Flight Attendant cannot be given a report time earlier than their contactable time
  • Airport Reserves cannot be assigned flying, including deadhead, that is scheduled to depart after the Airport Reserve Duty Period ends
  • No more than 6 Airport Reserve assignments per month unless a preference is submitted for Airport Reserve
  • Additional day off for reserves (11)
  • Reserves must begin using SkyPro number as primary contact number for Crew Scheduling (not Managers) beginning April 2021. An alternate number may be provided to Crew Scheduling.

Section 24 (New Section) – Missing, Internment, Prisoner or Hostage of War Benefits

  • Provides continuation of pay and benefits if FA is missing, interned or taken prisoner
  • FA can name beneficiaries

LOA 1 – Implementation Timeline

  • Provides timeline for implementation of all new TA2020 provisions

LOA 2 – Incorporation of Settlements

  • CDO Sick Proration Settlement is recognized as in effect (#18-17)

LOA 3 – Continuing Reserve Discussions

  • Company obligated to continue negotiations over Reserve system improvements.

LOA 4 – SkyPro Devices

  • Existing LOA

LOA 5 – Signing Incentive Payment

  • Incentive payment will be paid to eligible Flight Attendants on April 16, 2020, after ratification of TA2020. Paid and taxed as regular wages, NOT a bonus.

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