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Questions about the specifics of the Tentative Agreement should be emailed to negotiatingcommittee@edvafa.org. We will answer your questions directly and update this page with new questions we receive.

TA2020 Q&As

Signing Incentive Payment

Q : Is eligibility for each tier of the SIP based upon my Longevity or Seniority Date?

Eligibility is based upon Seniority NOT Longevity. Therefore, use your Seniority Date to figure out what tier you will be at as of March 1, 2020.

Q: I graduated Initial New Hire Training in November 2019. Will I be eligible for the $850 SIP?

Yes. Anyone who graduated in November 2019 or prior is eligible.

Q: I am currently on an unpaid Leave of Absence (whether Medical, OJI, Maternity, Personal, or Military). Will I receive the SIP?

Yes. Because you are on an unpaid leave you are not in active service. Therefore, you cannot receive the SIP while you are on leave. However, you will receive the SIP whenever you return to active service.

Q: I am considering deferring all or some of my SIP to my 401k. How will I do that?

Because of paycheck cycles, you will need to make the deferral election after your April 1, 2020, paycheck. Full information about how to defer your SIP will be published after TA2020 ratification. Flight Attendants will have sufficient time to make their deferral elections prior to the April 16, 2020, payment of the SIP.

Q: How is the SIP taxed and which paycheck will it be included on?

The SIP will be taxed as regular wages, NOT as a bonus/supplemental income. The SIP will be paid on the April 16, 2020, paycheck, taxed as regular wages, and be eligible for 401(k) deferral and company match.


Q: What’s the first paycheck that will reflect the TA2020 wages?

The April 16 paycheck will be the first paycheck where you will see the new wages. This paycheck will have half guarantee (37.5 hours) at your new pay rate, plus the Signing Incentive Payment.

Q: Is it true that everyone gets 2 raises a year?

All Flight Attendants receive 2 raises each year, with the exception of those with 20 or more years. There is a raise on DOS (date of signing) and on your anniversary date each year.

Holiday Premium Pay

Q: I would like a clarification on how holiday pay works. The TA states that holiday pay is 150% with 50% going above guarantee. What does the 50% going above guarantee mean?

When you are “on duty” during a designated Holidays you will be paid premium pay. “On duty” includes “idle days” and Airport Reserve. Minimum day assures that you will receive no less than 5.25 hours for a Holiday: 3.5 hours, plus 1.75 hours (50%).

The “above guarantee” language is critical for Reserves, because Reserves usually earn only guarantee. In the above example, a Reserve would receive the 50% premium of 1.75 hours in addition to their 75 hour guarantee, for a total of 76.25 hours.

Q: If I am awarded a trip on a holiday and call in sick, will I still be paid premium pay?

You will be paid sick time (straight time) for the value of the trip that was called in for, but you will not receive premium pay.

Open Time Premium Pay

Q: How does premium pay for open time trips change in TA2020?

Under the new rule there will be an “offset” for any dropped credit (trips or reserve days): You must credit above your original line award or prorated line before you will be paid premium pay (150%) for Open Time picked up on designated days. Sick calls (paid and unpaid) and leaves do not count against the “offset.”

Here are some examples that may help:

  • If you are a lineholder and awarded a line worth 72 hours, but you drop a trip, you would only receive premium pay on an Open Time pickup for whatever portion of the trip credited you over 72 hours.
  •  If you are a lineholder and awarded a line worth 80 hours, but you call in sick for a trip (and you don’t drop any other flying), that sick-call-trip will not “offset” any premium pay Open Time picked up. So, if you pick up a 10-hour trip from Open Time on designated premium days, you will receive premium pay for all the days of the trip that are designated premium pay.

Section 18.M. of the TA (pp. 18-13) has additional examples to help Flight Attendants understand this offset rule.

Please note: Holiday premium pay is completely separate rule from open time pickups. Holiday premium pay is NOT subject to the offset: you will be paid premium pay for being “on duty” during a Holiday regardless of how the rest of your line looks.

Sick Leave

Q: Do I have to get a doctor’s note every time I call in sick?

No. Our current contract already allows management to request that you provide a doctor’s note as out lined in (Sec. 13.F.). TA2020 makes two changes:

  • If management requires you to provide a doctor’s note because sick abuse is suspected, the Company must reimburse you for out-of-pocket costs.
  • If a reserve calls out sick the same day they were given an assignment, management MAY request within 24 hours for the reserve to provide a doctor’s note.

Q: How does the Sick Leave Fly-Back program work?

This is at the option of the Flight Attendant. It provides the option to replenish your sick bank when you have used sick time. In the month following a sick occurrence you can pick up from open time and designate the trip as “Sick Leave Fly-Back.” The hours from the fly-back trip will be used to replenish the hours used in the month prior.

For example, if you use 10 hours of sick time in May and pick up a 15 hour trip in June and designate it as fly-back, 10 of the 15 hours will go back into your sick bank. This can be a lifeline for those who experience intermittent health issues. It allows Flight Attendants to ensure they have sick hours available when they are sick.


Q: Why didn’t the Call-in-Honest Policy change?

While the number of Call-in-Honest events did not change, the inclusion of this Policy in TA2020 is a huge step, because it will now be enforceable and cannot be taken away by management. AFA will now be able to ensure “CIH” is being applied fairly and consistently.

Contract Duration

Q: Why a 5-year contract instead of a shorter one?

A 5-year contract was a compromise between a 7-year contract management proposed and a 4-year contract we proposed. In addition, we negotiated a 6-month early opener, so negotiations for a new contact will begin 6 months before the contract is amendable. This means we will continue to receive a wage increase (1.5%) while we are negotiating for a new contract.


Q: Why would we include a definition for an Idle Day? How did this help us?

Including this definition is a protection for us because “Idle Days” have always existed, but we were never paid for them. In TA2020 “Idle Days” works with our minimum day pay language, which ensures that we are paid for every calendar day, including on an Idle Day.

VOTE HERE on TA2020 >

Vote Questions and Answers

Q.  Are you eligible to vote?

A.  You have to be an “active member” in “good standing” and have completed four (4) full months of service from the date of graduation.  Because TA2 ratification balloting will close during the week of March 22nd, this means that any Flight Attendant who graduated BEFORE November 1st, 2019, may be eligible to vote.

Q.  I am not sure if I am an Active AFA Member? 

A.  You can call AFA Membership Services at 1-800-424-2401, option 7.  If you know that you are not a member and would like to sign up, simply fill out a membership form, at this link.  and mail the original form to: AFA-CWA Membership Services, 501 3rd Street N.W., Washington D.C.  20001.  OR you can make arrangements give the original form to one of your Local Executive Council Officers.

Q.  Does the AFA Membership Department have my current mailing address?

A.  If you are not sure, you can send a mailing address update by clicking this link: https://www.afacwa.org/change_of_address

Q.  Some of my co-workers are not receiving emails from the Union, how can I help them?

A.  If they are not receiving AFA Endeavor Elines, please have them sign up at: https://edvafa.org/.  You must be an AFA member to receive Elines, and AFA does not publish Elines to Company email addresses.  In addition, you can also contact your Local Council Officers.

As we go through the tentative agreement process, questions can be submitted to: negotiatingcommittee@edvafa.org

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