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Voting Opens: Wednesday, June 6, at Noon EST.
Voting Closes: Wednesday, June 27, at Noon EST.

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Endeavor AFA MEC Letter

Dear Endeavor Flight Attendants,

After eighteen months of intensive, targeted bargaining, we reached a Tentative Agreement which brings immediate improvements for Endeavor Flight Attendants.

This TA includes a wide range of improvements: regional industry leading wages, higher per diem, 100% deadhead pay, an immediate 3 hour min day rising to 4 hours over the course of the Agreement, 6 paid holidays, an extra day off for reserves and much more. It will bring economic relief, a better quality of life for us all, and require Endeavor to pay us more within months of the amendable date which has been rare in recent industry negotiations. We have attached summary bullet points of the improvements below and we will continue to prepare all of the tentative agreement details for your review.

We approved this tentative agreement to be sent to you for ratification after reviewing all of the details with our negotiating committee, staff negotiator, and staff attorney. We believe the details are significant and important for you to see. We reviewed line-by-line the language agreed to with Endeavor management for a collective bargaining agreement, and this full language is posted on OurContract.org

These negotiations were about you. You will decide how we move forward by considering the details of the tentative agreement, the negotiations process, the conditions of our industry and how this all matters to you and your family.

We encourage you to read the TA and all communications from the negotiating committee.

Get all of your questions answered by attending the contract roadshows, submitting questions through the website, or by attending one of the interactive online meetings.

We look forward to sharing all of the details with you. We will work hard to answer every last question so that we can all cast an informed vote for our future.

In Solidarity,

Tanya Clarke
President Council 45 LGA / JFK

Oscar Ochomogo
President Council 46 ATL / DTW

Jason Ostrowski
President Council 48 MSP

Jatawne Wells
Master Executive Council President

Kerry Huebbers
Master Executive Council Vice President

Thomas Burton
Master Executive Council Secretary / Treasurer

Tim Evenson
Negotiations Team

Tina Talarico
Negotiations Team

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