Endeavor Air Tentative Agreement - Not Ratified   

June 27, 2019

Dear Endeavor Flight Attendants:

With 72.2% voter participation, and 50.5% voting against, the Tentative Agreement is not ratified.

Certified vote results

We appreciate your efforts to attend meetings, ask questions and take part in our democracy. Your feedback during this process is heard loud and clear. We will be meeting July 15th with our attorneys to review this and set our strategic course forward.

This vote is done. It’s time to move forward. Bottom line: we have to show management that we are engaged, united and willing to act together for our future.

AFA is all of us. Take care of each other and fly safe.

In Solidarity,

Tanya Clarke
President Council 45 LGA / JFK

Oscar Ochomogo
President Council 46 ATL / DTW

Jason Ostrowski
President Council 48 MSP

Jatawne Wells
Master Executive Council President

Kerry Huebbers
Master Executive Council Vice President

Thomas Burton
Master Executive Council Secretary / Treasurer

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