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Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants deserve a fair contract, substantial wage increases to make up for the years of sacrifice to this carrier, and respect for the work that we do for the success of this carrier. For over two years, we have pushed our case at the bargaining table. Management, however, is proposing minuscule wage increases and concessions in areas such as vacation trip touching. We believe this is completely unacceptable.

Enclosed you will find ballots for a strike vote. A strong YES vote - and a strong voter turnout - will show management that the Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants are willing to do whatever it takes to get the contract we deserve. There is no way to achieve a contract that works for all Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants without the full support of the membership. We must show management the depth of our commitment to reaching an agreement we can all ratify. That means voting FOR a strike authorization, and it means wearing your AFA pin every day.

Taking a strike vote does not mean that we will go on strike right away, or at all. It simply means that the members have authorized the AFA leadership at Air Wisconsin to call for a strike when and if it becomes legal, necessary, and prudent to do so. Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act governs our negotiations, and it requires us to go through several more steps, and secure the consent of the National Mediation Board, before we can strike. That being said, by voting YES on the strike ballot, you are voting to authorize a strike if necessary.

We did not decide to take a strike vote lightly. It was the result of full deliberation of all strategic options. There is power in our solidarity. We cannot afford to do nothing. Our future depends on taking action together. Read all of the information, ask questions throughout our Union, and cast your vote. The time is now.

We are Stronger Together, BetterTogether!

Polls Open: September 14, 2018
Polls Close: October 14, 2018

In Solidarity

Your MEC, LEC Officers, and Your Negotiations Committee.


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