AFA Uniting All Flight Attendants: Stronger Together, Better Together

We are One United

Aug 25 - Ratification and signing of the contract means we also merge our representation structure. This article covers MEC Officer elections and the combining of Local Councils.

News and Updates

New Pay Rates and Seniority List Implementation

August 15, 2016 - New pay rates take effect for the September schedule month, at the same time the merged seniority list will be implemented.

United is United

August 12, 2016 - We have a ratified contract. With some of the highest numbers in AFA history, over 90 percent participated in the vote with 53% voting to ratify the agreement. You have participated in a historic vote and there is no doubt that every single one of you is deeply engaged and cares about our future.

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Contract Implementation

Now that Flight Attendants have voted to ratify a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) we are beginning the work needed to implement the new contract and finally bring all United Flight Attendants together into a single team. More info >

Agreement Download

Download a complete copy of our Tentative Agreement. Be sure to also visit our TA Resources page.

Merged Seniority List

In the interest of transparency and in response to a significant number of requests from United Flight Attendants, AFA-CWA has published the Merged Seniority List ("List") compiled by the Seniority Merger Integration Committee ("SMIC"). View list >

Webcast and Videos

View our Tentative Agreement Webcast, which answers common questions about the TA. Be sure to also watch the AFA-CWA United Airlines 2016 Tentative Agreement Video.

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